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Are you interested in an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Well, you can now purchase an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, HSPA version, online at Google Play for $399.99. This offer is only available in the US.

You will need to go to Google Play web store and click on new Devices section. When you purchase your unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the device will come pre-installed with Google Wallet with a $10 credit.

via: http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/201...ogle-play.html
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  1. Sajjad Rahman's Avatar
    Sajjad Rahman -
    No doubt a great phone and is definitely worth every penny spent.

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  1. litianyou's Avatar
    litianyou -
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    Je pense que le prix de ce téléphone est un peu cher, car désormais le marché de partager aussi rentable Téléphone mobile meilleur que lui et les performances du téléphone est très bon... Ce prix est difficile Ã* accepter. .
  1. Sajjad Rahman's Avatar
    Sajjad Rahman -
    The price is difficult to accept, but if the performance is up to the mark, why not?
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