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In case you intend on purchasing a top-of-the-line handset but haven't bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 because you wish to take your time picking the best handset of year 2012, then you have one more reason to hold back.

Long story short, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 made its debut in London back in May, the manufacturer claimed that the plan is to release a version of their flagship phone packing 64 GB of internal storage. When exactly? They haven't said, but they did mention it will happen later this year, after the 16 and 32 GB variants will hit the market.

Recently however, there were certain rumors flying around indicating that the 64 GB version might've been scratched. The reason behind these beliefs was the fact that many retailers have cancelled orders for the 64 GB variant.

However, if you were planning on buying the 64 GB flavored SGS3 once it hit the market, fret not, because Samsung officially announced that the device in question is in the works, and will definitely see the light of day by the end of the year. The only downside is the fact that the beefed up Galaxy S3 will not necessarily be launched in all the regions where the 16/32 GB SGS3 has been already released. That alone could explain why certain retailers had to cancel their orders.

As for what to expect from the device itself, besides the generous amount of internal storage there's not much to tell, except the part where it will also offer the possibility of expanding the storage by up to 128 GB via microSD.
Keep a close eye on this one, as it will be an even greater device than the ongoing Galaxy S3 already is.

Via: Android Central.

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