Go to facebook and search for cellular college. Or go to the web page. cellularcollege.webstarts.

Learn how to use your phone. Learn how to read your bill. Have a question and don't want to wait hours to have it answered at your local store. Time is money, stop wasting it.

Cellular College's goal is to provide help in all aspects of the wireless industry. Because we strive for our customers to understand and "outsmart" their smartphones we want customers to think of this website more as a school than as your personal cellular advisor.
But we can and will do that as well. With over 10 years experience on the front lines with major cellular providers, you can ask any question about any service and get an honest, unbiased opinion.

Check it out, like us on facebook and spread the word. People need free unbiased help with their phones and plans. It has finally arrived.

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