Hi everyone
i am newbie David from Elephone.CC,I am so proud to join one of the largest and professional cell phone forum,i would like to share a big good news!Now there are piles of Amazon merchants and foreign trade companies in China who urgent need for promotion of products and business, they would like to pay you negotiate considerable price if you are willing to share their information at your blog and SNS including FB and twitter and instagram and pinterest and deals sites including slickdeal and woot deal and fatwallet and forums including redditfrugalmalefashion/ forums.androidcentral ellphoneforums howardforums.com forum.xda-developers en.miui.com forums.oneplus etc)
For the cell phone business,the price is tentatively scheduled for $ 10 for sharing on FB and twitter and instagram and pintreset, USD 20 for sharing at forums and USD 30 for sharing at deals web(For forums and deals, the supplier promise that they would pay a US $ 10 deposit, and then observe for three days in case post and deals are deleted)
It is worth mentioning that more and more supplier I know are willing to adopt this approach, the cell phone business web deals web are elephone.cc and deals news you could share at SNS and deals web,as follows:
I am a elephone fan and i am accustomed to visiting the Elephone brand cell phone supplier's authorized shop specializing in sale of tons of fashionable latest cell phone ranging from Andriod 3G to Andriod 5.0 5.1 6.0 4G sold at significant discounts,i bought a latest fashionable cheapest free shipping elepone at elephone.cc SIII with 10 USD coupons by sharing on my FB,it features 5.2 inch display, bezel-less design, back curved design as well as the drilling edge of side frame which give me the same holding feeling with Iphone 6 in 4.7 inch.

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