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    Think solitaire is no longer popular? Then you are wrong, because at least I play it. I myself recently found an absolutely free, functional and easy-to-use platform for a great game of solitaire https://www.solitaire-free-games.com...solitaire-big/. True, you should renew your skills in order to understand all the advantages of playing solitaire.

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    Re: Solitaire

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    Tolles Spiel!

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    Re: Solitaire

    Thanks for sharing! I’m actually a great fan of solitaire. We often play it with my kids, and they love it too. We especially like spider solitaire 2 suits. Btw, we love playing board games too. Do you play any? It’s always been a pleasure for me to play chess with my son. I’ve actually taught him playing it, so he’s a real grandmaster now, you know. We love to watch MAgnis Carlsen games from time to time. And you know, we even watched his full game (about 10 hours) once because it was so captivating.
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