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    So, my wife and I are brand new, like as of Saturday new hosts. Our listing is super cheap as we only have 2 stays as guests under our belt and no hosting ratings. We went with really inexpensive to get some stays booked and a few ratings.

    Saturday morning our listing goes live, a few hours later, we get booked for 3 weeks. We have instant booking on. As we understand it, it gets better search results? Correct me if I'm wrong. Guest paid and everything seemed great. Little nervous and excited for our first booking. 4pm rolls around... no show. 9pm rolls around still no one. Next day at noon still no one. Message airbnb to see if somethings wrong on our end or for advice. They contact guest, which I wish they wouldn't have done as we wanted advice. Guest confirms everything fine etc. With airbnb. Monday morning rolls around 645am wants us to cancel entire thing with a discounted amount. 30 minutes later tells us found something cheaper elsewhere and airbnb letting him cancel whole thing.

    We are really confused by this whole thing. Is this a scam attempt? This isn't how we envisioned this airbnb thing going. We need sound advice asap! I understand it looks bad if we cancel, but airbnb hasn't done anything yet. Little help?

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    Re: New to Airbnb

    happy to you

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    Re: New to Airbnb

    Here are some points you may want to consider:
    If you're new to hosting and want to be more careful, you can disable instant booking and require guests to send you a message before booking.
    Cancellation Policy: Make sure you have a clear cancellation policy that protects your interests as a host.
    Communication: Communication is key in the Airbnb community. It's a good idea to communicate with guests before they arrive to confirm details and answer any questions they may have.
    Additional software: You can use airbnb management software to keep track of guests' evenness and other aspects.
    Airbnb Support: If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Airbnb Support team for assistance. They can help troubleshoot any issues and provide advice on how to resolve them.

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    Re: New to Airbnb

    Oh man, that's a bummer! I totally get why you were so hyped up for your first booking, and it's a real letdown that the guest ended up being a no-show. It's possible they found a better deal somewhere else, but who knows?

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    Re: New to Airbnb

    Unfortunately, there are some guests who don't follow through with their bookings for various reasons. In this case, it seems like the guest found a cheaper option elsewhere. As for your concerns about canceling the booking, I would suggest contacting Airbnb's customer service to get their advice on how to proceed. They should be able to provide you with some guidance on how to handle the situation without hurting your chances of becoming a successful host in the future. By the way, have you heard of Dallas Metro News? They recently published an article on the benefits of becoming an Airbnb Superhost and how to achieve that status.

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