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    Re: Asurion cell insurance isn a rip off.

    I dropped my phone in the toilette a month after I got it, and then I lost it two months later. I really like that phone and it cost me enough to get it. At the time it was T-Mobile's newest thing. I am glad I had the insurance.

    On the other hand my boyfriend has had his phone for two years and has never needed any kind of insurance so he doesn't get it.

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    Also I don't blaim the insurance company for making money by sending refurbished phones. T-Mobile gave me a phone when I first upgraded that was a phone somebody had taken back within the 14 day return policy and that phone gave me a lot of problems but at least the phone asurion sent was good while I had it.

    I think people are just angry but if you think about the money you spend on car insurance, maybe you should just get basic liability and put the difference in a savings account, because if you don't wreck your car for 14 months and you pay 120 a month for insurance (full coverage on a brand new car) the damages may not even be the same as what you have given to your insurance company.

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    Asurion Direct number

    I should have listened to the NUMEROUS complaints about this company before paying "insurance." Asurion is nothing more then a FRAUD. I have discontinued "insuring" my Blackberry. My story is way too long and it doesn't matter. Its obvious this company is SKETCH.

    Anyway, here is the direct email address, phone and fax number to one of their CEO's.

    Andy Wilburn
    Client Relations Program Specialist
    Office of the CEO/Customer Satisfaction
    [email protected]

    Asurion Insurance Services
    648 Grassmere Park, Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37211
    Voice (615) 445-3336 Toll Free 866-397-6496 ext. 63336
    Fax 888-874-7812

    Feel free to give "Andy" a piece of your mind and/or better yet, you can discontinue paying these criminals.


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    Food for thought

    Here's some number crunching to give you perspective
    Asurion just sent me a "if you do nothing, this is what is going to happen, letter"
    monthly increase in premium to $7 from $6 and deductible from $39 to $45
    If Asurion has only 1,000,000 subscribers and an astounding 1in 10 actually needed a new or replaced phone, and used the insurance with the average phone cost $200 to replace the math looks like this:
    1,000,000 X $7 a month x 12= $86 a year for a total of $86,000,000 in premiums taken in by Asurion
    Even if the paid out was an average of $200 per phone with 1in 10 people making a claim that would only cost them only $20,000,000 minus the 1 in 10 people's deductible of 100,000 x $45= 4,500,000 so now there out of pocket is down to
    20,000,000 - 4,500,000 = $15,500,000 there profit is $70,500,000 they you can take out business expenses blah blah but still think about it even if you had a $200 phone your paying for most of it's cost in 1 year just between the deductible and the premium. That would be like owing a 10,000 car and paying $800 premium a month with a $400 deductible!
    Oh and yes I canceled my insurance
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    Re: Asurion cell insurance isn a rip off.

    Asurion IS a RIPOFF! Its a SCAM and and example of Corporation robbery! I bought an HTC EVO yeeeears ago and have paid insurance ever since. I call to tell them my phone has been damaged and they demand $100 deductible, on top of sending back the old phone. First, if the phone was stolen or lost the deductible would be the same as if I sent them a damaged phone to fix and make more of a profit from. I tell them forget it I refuse to pay the $100 fee and Ill just keep the old one and use it as is. They actually have the NERVE to say because I filed a claim I MUST send them my phone or I will be charged $275.00 because my phone now belongs to them regardless if I dont pay to get a replacement. Why cant I keep my broken phone? The one I paid About $400 for? This is an SAD AND PATHETIC OUTRAGE - [COLOR=#0000FF !important]CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT[/COLOR]!!!

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    Re: Asurion cell insurance isn a rip off.

    I think all insurance operate the same:
    Pay a monthly premium and a deductable for claims filed.
    Medical; home, auto, CELL PHONE!
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    Re: Asurion cell insurance isn a rip off.

    I have to pay, now a new phone most likely would cost more than $150 if you buy it from straight from Verizon

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