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    Hi, I am posting for information on portable cell phone chargers and their demand in the market today. I am working on a portable cell phone project for a class, help if you can, I am really not asking for much.

    This is the second stage of my research, the first included the available phone chargers that were rechargable yet portable and useful enough to be conveinent, and the type of market I would be selling to, now comes the actual estimation of figures and marketability. The only significant product I have seen in the market today is specifically for the Iphone. Yet, I am thinking of a product that is the same size as a typical cell phone, powers the phone to a full charge, and is easy to recharge when an outlet is convenient.

    If you would please, I am really wondering what a person that finds their cell phone as "very important" in their life, would actually pay for a portable charger that I have described? Also, how many people in general would be interested in this type of system as a 'freedom from outlets?' Why do the available emergency chargers now seem to be rather unpopular? And lastly, what specifically would you need from this product to make it useful to your own application?

    Thanks for any input, anything from "go play in traffic" to "decent idea" will be appreciated.

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    Re: Portable cell phone chargers?

    I have never seen anyone using the pay - to - charge units located in most airports.
    I carry my car charger & wall charger with me at all times.
    Every chance I get on the road to charge up, I am in search of the OUTLET!!!

    You are on to something, dont share your idaes till patented.
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    Re: Portable cell phone chargers?

    Thanks for the input! I would really like to hear from as many people as possible before going further with the project. Not extremely concerned about a patent yet, the idea has always been there, but I am hoping there are a few more people interested in this!

    Anyone out there, I need your opinion; would you buy this type of portable charger?

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    Re: Portable cell phone chargers?

    hi this product is not new. its already available in the market. however there are no brand leader and i'm trying to change that. I'm looking for distributors please let me know if anyone interested. thanks

    email: SALES(a)ROSE-INTERNATIONALdotBIZ (pardon for the abbreviations as i'm new to this forum)

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    Re: Portable cell phone chargers?

    Energizer® XP1000
    This ultra slim charger is an emergency charger and back-up battery for cell phones and more. The ultra slim size makes it convenient to carry, yet it packs long lasting, reliable power.

    Easy to Use Just plug it in for instant power
    Stay Charged Maintains charge for up to 1 year
    LED Light Indicator Smart LED's show battery & charging status
    Lightweight No more bulky AC adapters and messy cords
    Rechargeable up to 500 times
    Reliable Longest industry 3 year limited warranty

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