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    I've been thinking of getting a Boost pre-paid unlimited plan for $50 per month but a couple friends have told me that T-Mobile has a similar plan but better signal, coverage and connection speed. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Boost or T-Mobile?

    I prefer T-Mobile.
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    Re: Boost or T-Mobile?

    It depends on your area. I believe T-Mobile's $50 plan only includes 100 MB of data at 4G speeds, and after that it will slow down. I'm not sure if they slow it down to reasonable 3G speeds, or if it is slower than that.

    Also, Boost Mobile's plan will "shrink" every six months, so it might end up being cheaper.

    I would really choose depending on the network in your area. If Sprint covers your area well, Boost Mobile might be the better choice.

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