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    Unlocking LG Phones is little bit different from phones.
    To Unlock your phone you have to get network unlocking service from any provider such as Safeunlockcode and you have to request an unlock code to unlock your phone.

    Network unlocking is a very easy process which can be done by anyone and no technical skills are required.
    Follow the following steps to unlock your LG Phone.

    Information Required
    1. To Unlock your Phone You must have to Provide your IMEI Number. You can find your by dialing this code “ +#06# ”
    2. Make sure that your phone prompts Inserting Unlock Codes
    3. Your Email Address

    Unlock LG G7 Q

    Those were the required information, Now you have to place an order to get your smartphone unlocked. you can visit following Links to submit your order you can even contact their Customer Support Service if you have any confusion.

    How You will Receive your Unlock Code?

    You might be thinking how you are going to receive your unlock code. Basically You will receive your Code by Email, Time will be depended upon the country and the network you have selected but It will only take few hours or sometimes a days.
    If you are still confused then I suggest you to visit safeunlockcode and try to use their customer service they will assist you in each and every thing.

    See More: Safe and Fast Network Unlock LG G7 Q

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