With all new Android phones running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), there is the option of using Android Beam, a NFC technology that allows you to share files, apps and other content between two Android phones without BlueTooth or wires. In order for this process to work, both phones must be running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and have NFC capability.

1. Enable NFC on your phone by going to 'Settings > More > NFC' and making sure that both NFC and Android Beam are enabled. Android Beam should be enabled by default while NFC must be turned on.

2. Once activated on both phones, use your phone to navigate to the content you would like to share with the other person.

3. Hold both phones back-to-back and you should feel a vibration indicating the connection was successful.

4. After it vibrates, you will be asked to confirm the transfer. Then you will see the content on your device morph into a card-like object with a “warp” animation in the background.

5. Tap the card and the content will be sent to the other user's phone.

Note: Some phones with Android Gingerbread support and NFC capability can also take advantage of Android Beam, but support and functionality is sporadic and depends greatly on the specific phone make/model.

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