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    Just throwing this out there for people looking for good cases for your Centros.
    I work in corrections so I needed a very durable case. I found a couple that were made from metal that had plastic screen protectors built in. They are great for protecting your phone, BUT they will kill your phones signal. I called AT&T because I would drop signal in places I did not before and could not figure out why it was happening. Just by luck I removed my phone from the case and noticed my signal came back.
    After testing it back and forth, I can honestly say it was the case killing my signal. Steer clear of the metal cases unless you just need something to throw your phone in to REALLY protect it but don't need to use the phone for a bit.
    I would suggest a snap on case with the clear plastic screen protectors and then maybe slip it into a leather pouch to carry. Just my thoughts after spending $40 on cases that are just sitting here

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