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    Hi and thanks in advance for help,

    I recently dropped my Pre and my screen cracked (running 1.4) making it nearly impossible to use the touch screen. The USB sync still works and I have LIMITED functionality over the screen. I just purchased an iPhone and need to get the contacts off my Pre (that is disabled from Verizon). Once I get a CSV file I'm in good shape. Any suggestions on how to get it?

    Thanks a million!

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    Re: Palm Pre (Broken Screen) Contacts transfer to iPhone

    Are your contacts stored in the Palm profile? If so, I'd suggest you take both phones in BEFORE you switch service and have the carrier move the contacts with their Celebrity utility.

    If they are in gmail, you can export them directly to .csv from your PC browser.

    On a side note, I predict that once you see the new Pre3 and Veer, I predict you will dump your iPhone and get another webOS device.

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