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    Back Up App Data:

    1. Launch “Settings” and go to “Phone Management”
    2. Tap “Backup & Reset”
    3. Tap “Google Backup”
    4. Enable “Back up my data”

    Back Up Contacts to an LG Account:

    1. Open “Settings”
    2. Access “Phone Management” > “Backup & Reset”
    3. Tap “LG Backup” > “Backup & Restore” > “Back up my data”
    4. Sign in with your LG account then select and expand “Personal data”
    5. Make sure the other options are deselected and tick the “Contacts” check box
    6. When ready, tap “Start” > “Done”

    Back Up Contacts to SD Storage:

    1. Launch “Settings”
    2. Go to “Phone Management”
    3. Tap “Backup & Reset” > “LG Backup & Restore”
    4. Tap “Backup data”
    5. Tap “SD Card” and select the desired contact, then tap “Start” > “Done”

    Back Up Media Files:

    1. Open “Settings”
    2. Access “Backup & Restore”
    3. Tap “LG Backup” > “Backup & Restore” then select “Media data”
    4. Deselect the option options and expand “Media data”
    5. Select the media files you want to back up
    6. Tap “Start” > “Done”

    Back Up Media Files to a Windows PC:

    1. Connect the Android phone to the PC via USB
    2. Enable “Media device” / “File Transfer” on the phone when prompted or from the Notification area
    3. Launch the File Explorer on the computer
    4. Locate the media files or “.sbf” backup files you want to back up
    5. Copy and paste the files to the desired backup location on the PC
    6. Once done, eject the phone storage and safely disconnect the phone from the USB cord

    See More: LG Q9: Back Up App Data, Contacts, and Media Files

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    Re: LG Q9: Back Up App Data, Contacts, and Media Files

    To Back Up App Data, Contacts, and Media Files on LG Q9, the easy and safe way is using LG Mobile Manager tool. After linking your LG Q9 to computer via usb cable or wifi, it will scan out all data on it. After that, you can choose data you want or all data to backup within simple clicks.
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    Re: LG Q9: Back Up App Data, Contacts, and Media Files

    LG have inbuilt backup and restore utility, just swipe down the home screen of your LG phone and then go to Settings > General Tab > Backup > Backup & Restore > Backup. If you want to backup files to PC, MobiKin Backup Manager for Android could be a better choice, it will help you move all data from device to PC easily and you could preview and choose the needed.

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