I wanted something powerful, without having to spend $600 or more, and I chose the BLU G90 Pro. It seems really nice, but has some quirks I'm not happy about.

For example, it claims to accept a 128GB SD card, but every time I put one in, it hangs on formatting. (Claims to be formatting, reboots, each subsequent restart shows "Starting phone" follwed by another reboot.)

A 64 GB SD card formats fine, but the phone claims it is a 128GB card with 65 GB used by the system.

The other issue I have is probably a Google one. All the apps loaded on my previous phone are counted in the storage allocation of my new phone, which even though I have over 100 GB free, says that I have to delete something before I can add in a new app.

I was hoping that by joining this forum I could get some help, or at least commiserate with others who have similar problems.

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