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    Re: Hosting for online store

    A hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that provides storage space and bandwidth to computer systems connected to the Internet. The term can refer to either the computer system itself, or the company that offers Citizenship by investment programme from Dubai such services. Hosting services are often called Web hosts or domain name providers.

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    Re: Hosting for online store

    I have a very long time running my blog, and I have a great site that I did myself in a text document and put on hosting, and since then he never turned off but then yesterday the hosting was closed without warning, I woke up by a phone call, my brother in the morning decided to go to my site and it failed, I quickly got out of bed and started looking for new hosting, my followers recommended different hosts, but I do not like them all, and here I come across this ad site , I recommend to look and see the price list

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    Re: Hosting for online store

    Thanks for the info))))

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    Re: Hosting for online store

    hosting is cool

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