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    Yes, apart from skin cancer.

    I'm not sure about all countries but in UK you are never able to donate blood again once you have been diagnosed with cancer.

    I received a letter and certificate from them when I was diagnosed with cancer thanking me for my contributions over the years.

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    Re: Which hospital for cancer patients is the best?

    Your concern for the recipients of your blood is admirable - the sort of attitude someone who gives blood would have, but I can set your mind at ease.

    It is virtually impossible to transmit cancer from one person to another through blood transfusion, even if you had an advanced cancer shedding billions of cells into your bloodstream everyday. We probably develop thousands of cancer cells everyday even though most of us don’t develop cancer, check 4-phenylbutyric acid powder . Our immune system recognizes them as abnormal and destroys them. It probably takes the development of billions of these randomly created cancer cells for one of them to ever have the right characteristics to “fool” our immune system.

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    Re: Which hospital for cancer patients is the best?

    I happy help to you help.
    Can you please let me know in which location you looking for cancer hospital?

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    Re: Which hospital for cancer patients is the best?

    Thanks for the post

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