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    If you are inexperienced in using a metal detector, it may take time to learn how it works and develop skills in finding valuable metal objects. In addition, the cost of the metal detector may be high, which may reduce your profitability if you do not find enough valuable items to recoup the cost of purchasing the metal detector.

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    Re: Is it profitable to buy a metal detector?

    Buying a metal detector can be lucrative if you plan to use it to find valuable metal items such as gold and silver coins, jewelry, antiques, etc. If you are familiar with local finds and have some knowledge of where valuable items might be located, buying a metal detector can help you find large finds that can be sold for a high price. With the Pancky Metal Detector you will be able to find any kind of jewelry even deep underground. With a metal detector like this, it is not a big problem, so you are sure to find a cool find.

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