No problem unlocking ( my ATT sold Nokia 6800. At least the T-Mo PrePaid SIM works to a point. (PPD only will work to a point)

Has ANYONE successfully turned their ATT Nokia 6800a into a fully working web access (especially / email access (eg T-Mo) / SMS phone with any or all the resets a user can do???

1 - I'm getting old, I learned Nokia key-strokes, pretty well.
2 - I like my Nokia 6800 thou if needed I might upgrade to 9300
3 - A camera phone would get me fired.
4 - Cing (now owning ATT towers) make it worse for me every day
to use my phone ( 1 / 100 times I can get to etc )
5 - Convert from ATT to Cing plasn would break my bank

Any advice how I may be able to meet my Noki 6800 / 9300 needs coming
in with non-carrier sold smartphone ???

Thanks ..

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