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    Not Charging: Nokia Model 3595

    Problem- this phone was in my closet for a year and now the phone is powering on because i bought a new battery, but it's not charging at all, the battery is almost dead now. the charger is working ok since i have another phone that uses the same charger, so i tested it! i know it can't be the phone since it powers on with the battery, and i have the same exact problem with my Motorola Model T720 ( i mean exact same problem, its a coincidence and i made another thread for that here: CLICK HERE )

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    Re: Not Charging: Nokia Model 3595

    Hi, my question below kind of relates to your phone. Can you tell me what model number the charger you are using is? Any information is appreciated.

    Regarding your phone issue, does the 2nd phone that uses the same charger use the same battery? Also, most batteries come uncharged and require at least 12 hours of charging prior to use. Does your phone indicate it's charging when you have it connected to the charger? If not, it could be the connection of the charger to the phone. Maybe something is bent or not sitting properly. Take a close look at the connections. Do you have a car charger that you could try? If you know someone that has a similar phone, ask them to try and charge your battery on their phone. I am not an expert, but I think the problem is either a loose or bad connection with the phone that is not allowing it to charge. It could also be a bad battery, or a defective device. Try another wall outlet. Refer to your user's manual or lastly contact nokia. GL and let me know what happens.

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