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    First and foremost:

    CPF and the For Sale forum are not responsible for your transaction process. CPF provides a convenient form of media for users to post/complete sales and trades. So, please complete your transaction wisely! This has been a huge problem lately, and continued complaints regarding bad transactions could lead to the deletion of the forum.


    1. You should start out the thread w/ the correct title.

    This includes:
    FS: (for sale)
    WTS: (want to sell)
    WTT: (want to trade)
    WTB: (want to buy)

    I will give 500 CPF$ to all legitimate sales posts (moderator discretion) that follow the above rule. An example of how a title should look follows:

    FS: LG c1300

    2. Pictures are NOW required. You can give yourself added credibility by writing your CPF username and the date on a piece of paper in the frame.

    3. Only one post per item. If you have more than one item to sell, make one big post for them. If you would like to amend your previous posts as new items arise, please contact me.

    4. Bumping is acceptable, but you only get 2 per week. Use 'em both in an hour or space them out. After you've bumped 5 times over 3 weeks you can just give up. (Hint: Posting correctly gets you an automatic bump)

    5.You should post the ways you can be contacted. All users can be contacted by sending a PM to them. If you prefere to use email/AIM/etc., please post this info. Be aware, banned members with questionable sale history can still contact you via this type of contact info.

    6. If you have feedback of any kind, you should post the link to it.

    7. No selling iDEN software. If you are familar with Nextel/MiKE/SoLinc/Boost, you know what I'm talking about.

    8. Arrange a date designated as payment/shipment date. Failure to meet this deadline will determine which party is in the wrong. (This is totally optional, but I think it's a rather smart option!) The more agreed upon terms between parties, the easier it will be to determine the party at fault.

    9. No business advertising!! If you have a store to promote, click the banner link at the top of CPF, or here, to advertise on our site. We'd love to have your support. Any posts that I determine to be of this nature will result in an automatic delete. No questions asked! This also goes for ebay stores. Links to ebay are ok, but sellers must also be willing to sell outside of ebay.

    I will edit posts/threads that do not follow these rules. If you have any questions, or are unsure of something, PM me.

    Thanks for all your cooperation! Good luck with the sales and trades!

    Again...CPF is not responsible for your transactions!

    See More: Buy/Sell/Trade Guidelines & Reminders (A Must Read)
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