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    Create a New Contact:

    1. Open “Contacts”
    2. Tap “+”
    3. Select to store the contact on the “Device”, “SIM card” or on your “Google” account
    4. Enter the contact’s details, phone number, name etc. in the appropriate fields
    5. When ready, tap “Save” to store the contact

    Add a Contact to Speed Dial:

    1. On the home screen, tap “Phone”
    2. Tap “More” > “Speed dial”
    3. Select the speed dial number you want to use for speed dialing
    4. Select the contact you want to associate with the speed dial number
    5. Tap “Back” to save the changes

    Import / Export Contacts:

    1. Launch “Contacts”
    2. Tap “More”
    3. Access the “Settings” menu
    4. Tap “Import / Export contacts”
    5. To import contacts, tap “Import” > “Device” or “Device storage”
    6. To export contacts, tap “Export” and select the desired location, such as “Device storage” or “SIM card”
    7. Tap “OK”

    Deleting Contacts:

    1. Open “Contacts”
    2. Tap the contact you want to remove
    3. Tap “More”
    4. Tap “Delete” twice

    Clear the Call Log:

    1. Tap “Phone” on the home screen
    2. Go to the “Logs” screen
    3. To view more details on a call log, tap it
    4. To reset the call log, make sure you view the “Logs” screen and tap “Menu”
    5. Tap “Settings” > “Edit”
    6. Enable “Select log items”
    7. Tap “Delete”

    Create a Caller Group:

    1. Launch “Contacts”
    2. Select a contact to be part of the new group
    3. Tap “Edit” (icon shaped like a pencil)
    4. Tap “Groups” > “Create group”
    5. Enter the desired name for the group
    6. Tap “Create”
    7. Press “Back” > “Save”

    Add a Contact to an Existing Caller Group:

    1. Open “Contacts” and tap the contact you want to add to a group
    2. Tap “Edit”
    3. Tap “Groups”
    4. Select the desired group
    5. Press “Back” > “Save”

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016): Create and Manage Contacts and Caller Groups

    hello There! I want to display contacts from my gmail account but i don't see the display options in Samsung A7 (2016) what i see in setting is only import/Export contacts only. I ask You a little help to do so please.

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