I would be very grateful if any of you could answer me some of these questions regarding the Samsung SCH-A930 because I'm trying to figure out exactly how many changes and what changes were made to it when it was imported here.

1. When you access the card while the phone is connected via USB (Mass Storage) - can you do whatever you like on the card? (i.e. delete files, rename files, copy files from the phone to your computer?)

2. How fast is the transfer from the computer to the phone in this way?

3. Is there a special software Verizon gives with the Data cable for accessing the phone?

I ask all these questions because my provider blocked the ability to use the phone as a mass storage device and also reading the card using a card reader. The only way to transfer files to and from the phone is use their stupid software which lets you transfer only JPGs or MP3s - but the transfer rate is around 16.6KB/Sec (Around 1 minute per MB)

I would really appreciate any answers!

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