So I bought my Flipshot last night and I'm loving it. This phone, however, seems like it has one problem with the predictive "word" Texting function.

For example to show what the problem is:
When I try to type the word "hey", the phone types up "Gdw" instead of guessing the word "hey".
When I try type the word "you" it types "You" instead of the lower case "you".
When I try type the word "are" it types "Apd". It does not type "are".

Of course, when I press "zero key" it turns these words into what I mean it to be, but this is extremely frustrating because I have to press zero whenever I type something. I did try to reset the phone, but it seems like it doesn't help.
Please help me!

BY THE WAY: my girlfriend has the same phone, and hers doesn't do this. Why does mine have to do this???

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