This is my first time getting a cell phone seriously(the one I had before was a free phone). I am thinking of getting a Behold in espresso color and have been researching. I don't have a whole lot of money to spend on a phone($100 at most) so I thought this would be my best deal. I want an Android phone, but apparently they are way expensive. However, after a bit of researching, I have a few questions, and I would appreciate if someone can answer them.

1. Is it absolutely necessary to get an unlimited web use plan if I am getting this on T-Mobile? What would I be charged if I don't get the plan and used the web browser? Would I be able to use it at all?

2. I have heard about "not being able to change the boring screensaver." Does it mean I will not be able to customize my wallpaper image, or is it just the screen that says to unlock?

3. Can you use Skype on this phone? Is it an application?

4. Although I hardly have money for it, I am still considering T-Mobile G1--which do you think is better? I am by no way a heavy texter/caller (am using the cheapest plan) but I have this unexplainable attraction to Google.

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