Text Input Mode

The Text Mode option allows you to choose T9, ABC, or Numeric mode.
  • T9 Mode: Enter words with fewer keystrokes. Each key on the keypad has more than one letter; for example, pressing the 5 key can enter J, K, or L. The T9 mode automatically compares the series of keystrokes you make with an internal linguistic dictionary to determine the most likely word, thus requiring fewer keystrokes than the traditional ABC mode.
  • ABC Mode: Enter alphabetic characters by pressing the key labeled with the corresponding letter or number you want. Press the key one, two, three, or four times until it displays.
  • Numeric Mode: Used to enter numbers.
  • Symbols Mode: Enter symbols, such as punctuation marks.

Changing Text Input Mode

To change the text input mode, use the key in one of the following ways:
  • A long press of the ^ key toggles between ABC mode and T9 mode.
  • While in ABC mode, a short press of the * key changes the text case between the abc, Abc, ABC, and 123 mode.
  • While in T9 mode, a short press of the * key changes the text case between T9[E]ab, T9[E]Ab, T9[E]AB, and 123.

You can also use the Options soft key to change text input mode.
Press Options > Text Mode.
Choose from the following options: T9 Predictive Text / Multitap, Numeric, or Symbols.

Using Alphabet Mode

The Alphabet, or ABC, mode does not make word suggestions.
To use the Alphabet Mode use the 2 to 9 keys to enter your text.
1. Press the key labeled with the letter you want:
  • Once for the first letter
  • Twice for the second letter
  • And so on

2. Select the other letters in the same way.

Entering Symbols and Punctuation Marks

Symbol mode enables you to insert symbols and punctuation marks into text.
1. To enter symbol mode press and hold the # key.
– or –
Press Options > Text Mode > Symbols.
2. To select a symbol, press the corresponding number key.
3. To display more symbols, press the Up, Down, Left, or Right navigation key.
4. To clear the symbol(s), press the Return key. When the input field is empty, this key returns the display to the previous mode.
5. To insert the symbol(s) into your message, press the OK soft key.
6. Press the Cancel soft key to exit.

Using Numbers

Number mode enables you to enter numbers into a text message.
1. While in ABC mode or T9 mode, use a short press of the * key to change to 123 mode.
– or –
Press Options > Text Mode > Numeric.
2. Press the keys corresponding to the digits you want to enter.

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