New User here. I bought a Galaxy A12 (Mod. #SM-S127DL) and recently ran into an issue with my phone storage. Just recently I started receiving "low storage warning" messages. My internal storage is currently 32G and is nearly full, but the trouble is I have about 5 pictures (538KB), no video and very little audio (15.09MB), and a moderate amount of apps, so it's not on my end. I cleared my browser's history and optimized my phone, which gave my a few hundred MBs, but it's still almost full. The problem exists with two items on my internal storage list: "System," which is currently using about 10.30GB, and "Other," which is using a whopping 20.85GB. Is there anyway of freeing up some Gigs from these two items, particularly the "Other" item?

I might add that I recently purchased a Galaxy micro SDXC 64G memory card. Will this help with the issue?

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