We have great news for all Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. The device will get new files that will make all features better.

The changes include: new Running Analysis feature that helps you improve your form and avoid injury. It also allows the watch to track and report the new metrics like: asymmetry, regularity, stiffness, vertical oscillation, ground contact time.

Another feature is the VO2 measure, which will help you track how you improved over time.

Now coming to something different. During your exercise you don't want to be disturbed, that is why the watch gets new features like this: Smart Reply which suggests responses to incoming messages. This time the watch will show the full conversation thread, not just the last message.

If you receive a photo, you can view it on the watch itself, as well as an emoji which you can send back an AR Emoji or a Bitmoji sticker.

Another change allows you to access music playlists stored on your phone. Additionally, the screenshot feature now supports scroll capture. The last feature called Fall detection will send out an SOS message (including your location) to up to four choosen contacts.

The update started rolling for the Bluetooth version, but it is stated to arrive to LTE models very soon as well.

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