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    So there's a number of absolutely terrible teams in the NFL right now battling it out for last place to draft one of these Heisman studs.

    My question to you is... who would you most want to see on your favorite team?
    Reggie Bush?
    Matt Leinart?
    Vince Young?

    I'm a huge 49ers fan and even though they've already got Alex Smith, I'd want someone like Young... because he'd help both the passing and running game.

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    im a dolphins fan and since we are stocked at RB

    i would like to see vincce young even though i think he said hes staying for another season tho.

    hope fins lose all there games lol

    i dont think matt leinhart is even that good to be honest i see him being a flop ehhhh.

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    reggie bush is the best player to come out of college in the last 10years

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    ahh i think thats a pretty bold statement to say hes the best college player to come out in the last 10 years. One of the reasons he had such an outstanding year is because he has one of the best offensive lines in all of college football, and he has Matt Leinart on his team, Matt Leinert takes a lot of the pressure off of Reggie Bush, lots of teams arent sure whether to defend the pass or the run against USC, having a heisman caliber QB on your team in itself creates plays for Reggie Bush. But I still think they are gonna have a hard time against Texas.. they have the 6th best defense ranked in the nation, and Texas also has the best special teams unit in the nation, while USC has a weak special team unit, this is gonna provide mismatches all night.. look for the Texas upset!

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