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    I recently ordered and installed the sim card that straight talk is now offering for smartphones on their website and put it in my Iphone 3gs which was originally with AT&T. I followed all the steps and set up the APN and at first it worked fine. But then it started to not deliver texts or recieve them (even though i was in my house with wifi and had full bars). Next came the calling issues where I can't make or receive calls. I have to keep switching over to airplane mode and then switching back but this works for only a few minutes and then it stops working again. I seem to have the opposite problem of everyone else because my data and apps work perfectly fine. I did the exact same thing my dad and brother did with their iphones for straight talk and theirs work great. I have no idea what's going on with mine. I bought this phone to be a phone and it doesn't work. Does anyone know what to do to fix this problem?



    > Voir plus: IPhone 3gs pour Straight Talk : Can't faire ou recevoir appels téléphoniques/textes mais des données fonctionne très bien

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    Re : Iphone 3gs pour Straight Talk : ne peut pas faire ou recevoir des appels téléphoniques et textes, mais les données fonctionne très bien

    Le site Web de charges bien sûr très lentement... ce qui est de toute façon cette entreprise sur Straight talk ?

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