Hello folks, I need to get some info off of a actual Telus Phone,

I have a Audiovox 8910 that I have unlocked and now use on Telus, but I need some info still in order to get the best service possible.

What I need...

If anyone who has an actual Telus Phone could send me what they have, that would be great.

Full Setup
DIR Number - Put my Phone Number In Here ????
MCC # - 302
MNC # - 11
ACCOLC (Access OVLD Class) - 7
1'st CH (A) - 283
1'st CH (B) - 384
2nd CH (A) - 691
2nd CH (B) - 777
Home SYS Regestration - YES
Foreign SID Regestration - YES
Foreign NID Registration - YES
Slot Cycle Index (SCI) - 2

Also if anyone knows the browser settings would be great too.


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