It's can't be certain but if I were a betting man I'd lay down good money saying the are without a doubt the most unbelievably difficult to deal with when you have an issue with unlocking a cellphone that you want put on a different carrier.
It's almost like they think if they give you the "run around" long enough you'll just give up. I paid cash money,(full price of course) for a phone they offer but I don't want to use their very spotty coverage.
They'll sell the phone knowing you intend to use TMobile as a carrier instead of us cellular and then turn around and pretend to not know how to unlock the very phone they just sold you fully knowing that if you own the phone outright and don't owe for service they must unlock YOUR property. Now. Not in anywhere from 3 months a year. Yup, one of their troglodyte associates actually said that.
This is day 9 of being lied to about everything from what the law is to my phone isn't compatible with T-Mobile (spoiler alert: it's absolutely compatible)I finally was able to get connected to the tech department after literally having a shouting match with a supervisor and have been told over and over that it should be working (another spoiler alert: it's not)
Anyone have any answers? I love to hear them.
Absolute sh!t customer service. All eleven attempts were a lesson in bad acting torture. Like a "who's on first" adaptation for cellular customer service.
Do not do what I have done by wasting time expecting to make any progress. The whole time each team members will argue with you about everything ultimately doing what you suggested only to find out they were wrong all along. Every. Single. Time.
Never again US cellular .

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