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    How do you know whether a game is s30, s40, etc?

    How do you know what phones support what type?

    Does it have anything to do with the screen size width of the game/phone, like a t616 is 128 pixels wide for example, so s40?


    See More: Ask Ripshaft the Genius about Games on N-Gage and more...

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    Yeah, 128x128 screen phones are usually s40,... s30 phones have smaller screens
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    i have a sidekick color...what do i need to do to get more games on my phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @ndres
    There should be 2 files after unzipping,....a jad and a jar,... as for transfering the games through WAP,... maybe this might help,... or u could post a request there on how to do it,....

    i'm having the same problem, i dont get two files, i get a bunch of other ones.
    as for WAP? is there a link to that program because it seems that i cant find it. and im a bit confused, i wanted to know id there is a step- by step tutorial for installing a game using http://rumkin.com/tools/sprint/downloads.php ? but these games provided in this forum is able to work on an audiovox 8910 carrier bell?

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    please help . thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by ripshaft
    The n-gage games that i have...well i have got 15 games on my 128mb MMC, and music and an episode of 'the office', and i still have 7.8mb left on the card. That means that the games must take up less than 16mb.
    i have a 512Mb memory card use for N-gage , but i still dont know how to put games to the memory card ....... i wanna know that , if i put games to my memorycard and when i plug memory card to my n-gage QD , i can able to play games ? ......... the files i download games end with .jar so i just put that files to memory card ? thats all i have to do or i have to do something elses ........... please can you help me to find out to put games into memory card ..... thanks a lot , i really apprieciated it ..... i have a cool website that you can download n-gage games for FREE ........ like fifa2005 , sim butsout .... but its from another country ........ thanks .......

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    Re: Ask Ripshaft the Genius about Games on N-Gage and more...

    I downloaded games off the net and put them on my pc and I transfared the jad and jar files to my phone. I transferred the files using a data cable and I put them in my other files folder but I don't know how to make them work on my phone. I transferred the files using Samsung Pc Studio > Manage Files
    I have a Samsung t809. Please help I just need to know how to install the games to my phone.

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    Re: Ask Ripshaft the Genius about Games on N-Gage and more...

    Hello, I have a Samsung D807 with Cingular as my provider. I've been trying to figure out how to put games on my phone, I have tried through my MicroSD card, Bluetooth, and now I am doing it from download via WAP.

    All the previous ones (microsd and bluetooth) failed, when I go to download the .jar file by WAP it freezes right at the end of the download. I'm a little stumped over this entier situation. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong or what I should be doing?

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    Re: Ask Ripshaft the Genius about Games on N-Gage and more...

    how do I transfer games to my moto razar? I have a usb and mobile phone tools software. Also what kind of games do I look for to dl?

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    Re: Ask Ripshaft the Genius about Games on N-Gage and more...

    good info, thank u... i was looking for how to set up games in my cell phone

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    Re: Ask Ripshaft the Genius about Games on N-Gage and more...

    n-gage game in s60 not fully work...

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