JuiceCaster is a free app which lets you post pictures and videos right from your mobile phone to your personal page on MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, Google, Picso, and virtually any online personal page or web site.

Just sign up for JuiceCaster by sending the word "Juice" to 84462 via text message from your cell phone. Follow the instructions, download and you're good to go. Or, you can sign up at juicecaster.com on the web. Once you sign up,you can put your JuiceCaster MediaBox anywhere you can cut-n-paste two lines of HTML (its easy) and the pix/vids you take on your phone easily and automatically post to your MediaBox. So, if yoiur MediaBox was on your MySpace page (its on mine -- go to myspace.com/juicetv to see an example), the pix/videos you take on your cell phone automatically post to your MediaBox on MySpace. And, you can put your MediaBox almost anywhere online, and lots of sites at once.

Its free (you have to have a data plan) and works on virtually all camera phones. JuiceCaster does work specially well on Nokia series 60 phones. With JuiceCaster, you can also video stream and VIEW other users' postings RIGHT on your cell phone, connect with friends, and more.

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