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    I have an LG Scoop from Alltel, and I would like to put games and stuff on it. I have a 4gb Micro SD card and already have a bit of music on my phone now. But I was wondering how I could put games and stuff on it, and where I would go to download said games.


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    Re: Moving Files to my LG Scoop

    rlee the green lg rumor from sprint is more of a lime green. my friend just got it. the moto rokr is a good phone. the scoop is, too but the ringtone ordeal is ridiculous.

    does anyone know how to set bluetoothed files as your ringtones?
    i WOULD buy the ringtone i want but no one has it.
    and iíve tried various sites where you download it from the internet browser on your phone or have it texted to your phone.
    none of them will let me set them as ringtones.
    is there any way possible that i can fix this?
    or bypass it?

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