Titans Mobile v1.0

Requirement: Android 2.2 or higher

Battle REAL players live with legendary heroes – even GODS to conquer the Titans’ World! THE FIRST EVER ANCIENT GREEK MYTHOLOGY STRATEGY WAR GAME!

Titans Mobile is an online war-strategy game. Limited for the IOS and Android operating systems. In the game, players need to choose their faction from Athens, Crete, Sparta and Troy before they can recruit Greek Myth heroes from each faction and train Infantries, Cavalries, Warships and Sieges to start battles with other players. Result of battles is decided according to abilities of players, abilities of their recruited heroes, and amount and level of their units. In order to level up and gain rewards, players also do quests and everyday task. Players can also duel with each other with three of their recruited heroes.

Visit official website: titansmobile.com

*Network connection is required to play

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