Hello everybody, I am a backer on kickstarter for Divine Space,a project currently on almost-alpha..

It is scheduled for iPAD first, then for ANDROID shortly after that, the devs are about to release it for WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX (using Unity 3D) then, they want to make it an MMO.

Unlike most space games (it is an ARPG) its control system is based on point-and-click and the camera is free and 3rd person.

The world of the game is based on REAL Astronomical and scientific DATA.

The devs want to use F2P model for the game, but in a way that it won't bring imbalance to the players..

The kickstarter page for the project is:
kickstarter.com/projects/dodogames/divine-space-sci-fi-space-arpg]Divine Space - 3D Sci-Fi Action RPG and Adventure by Dodo Games — Kickstarter

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