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    Mother of Myth
    A Free 3D Action RPG for iOS, Android, & Facebook.

    An amazing new game is currently being developed for iOS, Android, & Facebook with its own unique 3D game engine. In the game you’ll be able to hack and slash your way to victory with copious amounts of enemies in which to sink your blade. An intuitive exceptional battle system will give you a satisfying experience for each enemy that you vanquish. Get exclusive items from destroying your enemies that will make your future adventures even more satisfying.

    We will be looking for beta testers soon!
    Give us your feedback and comments so we can develop an amazing game!


    Screenshots & Models
    Mother of Myth 3D Action RPG [Game][In-Development]-resized85x4_1.jpg
    Mother of Myth 3D Action RPG [Game][In-Development]-resized85x4_2.jpg
    Mother of Myth 3D Action RPG [Game][In-Development]-resized85x4_3.jpg

    Find out more about the Game:
    Facebook /MotherofMyth
    Twitter @MotherofMyth

    See More: Mother of Myth 3D Action RPG [Game][In-Development]

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    Re: Mother of Myth 3D Action RPG [Game][In-Development]

    So does your phone have to have 3D capabilities to be able to play this game? It sounds like a fun game but my phone isn't 3D.

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