Suprobhat Bangladesh is a regional newspaper of port city Chittagong.
Shuprobhat Bangladesh is committed for 'Protiti probhat hok suprobhat' upholding its impartiality.

The Daily Suprobhat Bangladesh is one of the leading newspapers in Bangladesh,
published from Chittagong in Bengali.

It has been publishing since 17 August 2004.
As of March 2013, it has an average circulation of 20,000. is the first online news portal of Chittagong.
And is the first digital newspaper of Chittagong.
It has average online reader of more than 20,000.

Suprobhat Bangladesh is available in iphone and android as first regional newspaper app in Chittagong.

App download link:
Suprobhat Bangladesh in android
Suprobhat Bangladesh in iphone

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The application is free
It has facebook, twitter and e-mail share functionality
User can share any news in detail
Any news can be added as favorite news to read while user remains out of internet connection
News categories are more user friendly than any other news application

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