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    Kingdom of Legend

    Kingdom of Legend is a free to play PVP oriented global game available for iOS and Android! Waging wars between different countries and unions. Real action packed PVP game. Join your fellow countrymen and dominate other countries. Build and lead your own kingdom. Join unions that will help you progress as well. This is a game fit for Kings and Lords!

    * Battle players around the world. You can make your own union or join other forces. Compete for ranking and better rewards.
    * Recruit strong soldiers by upgrading your own kingdom.
    * A detailed story in-game for players to follow.
    * Easy to follow tutorial that will help new players to familiarize themselves with the system of the game. Not to mention the free rewards if you finish the tutorial.
    * Lots of in-game and real prizes every day. Be sure to check our Facebook page for more information.
    * GM’s and GameSages are always available to support all players.
    * Unique PvP (Player versus Player) system. Climb the rankings and develop strategies that can make your standing remain at the top.
    * Detailed illustrations of all soldiers available to the game.
    * Superb background music and effects.
    * Active in-game community.
    * Free tips and guides available to all players. Visit our Facebook page and look for the Blog in the “About” part of the game.
    * Regular rewards will be given away upon log in. Don’t miss it!
    * Different kinds of wars with awesome rewards for everybody.
    * All structures in the game can be upgraded.
    * Constant updates in the game client to improve the overall performance and gameplay.
    * Easy to report problems/bugs if any to the Customer Support.
    * Internet connection is required to play this game.

    Game Blog
    kingdom of legend official blog | blog of Kingdom of legend

    [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend-1011103_1387284984827361_1812257444_n.jpg

    See More: [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend-3.-celebrating-release-9-countries-.jpg   [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend-1669788_1387286318160561_359623038_o.jpg   [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend-1669831_1387286404827219_847047418_o.jpg   [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend-1782441_1388796494676210_1015620543_o.jpg   [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend-account-picture.jpg  

    [FREE][iOS&Android] Kingdom of Legend-untitled.jpg  

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