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    Michalis Priza
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    ThessalonÃ*ki, Greece

    Once upon a time there was a Grandpa that had stomach problems. He decided to go for a walk and then everything started. Grandpa needs your help!
    Press on his belly as many times as you can to release Poo and make Grandpa feel better. And the journey continues... Poo has to fly as far as possible avoiding the flying enemies that wants him on the ground. Can you go far enough?

    A funny game that is made for everyone.

    Choose the difficulty level that suits you.

    Choose your Poo Characters from the Market:
    Is the one you start with.
    Has a protection shield for the first hit.
    If you are going to hit the ground it will give you a chance to continue.
    He has it all. ShieldPoo and JumpyPoo in one SuperPoo.

    Buy PowerUps from the Market:
    • One More Chance.
    Gives you one more chance to continue.
    Gives you boost for 500 meters.
    Makes the stars to be attracted by you.


    •There are some awesome Helmets that you can buy and customize Poo.

    •If you lose on your way, you can continue by paying some coins?

    Have fun playing!!!

    See More: GrandpaPoo: A new addictive game for the Android!
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    Re: GrandpaPoo: A new addictive game for the Android!

    HAHAHAHAHA for real??

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