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    Michalis Priza
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    •Find the right colored Block, that matches the colored bar above and Splash it, before the time is over. Be fast, because slow playing trigger the Timer!

    •Relax Mode: You have two minutes to Splash as many Blocks as you can. If you are right you get +1 seconds as a reward, if you're wrong you don't only lose 2 seconds, but you also trigger the Timer to finish faster. So be careful what you Splash!

    •Combo Mode: You have three minutes to make the right color Combos. If you are right you get +5 seconds as a reward, if you're wrong you lose 2 seconds, you trigger the Timer and also lose your previous Block selections. So be extra careful what you're about to Splash!

    •Crazy Mode: Making Combo Splashes but with the light changing colors, it's really hard to make the right Color Combination. For those who love challenges!

    An awesome game to train your mind and your reflexes. Highly addictive and fun to play. The Music motivates you to Splash Blocks like crazy and makes you sing it even after the game. Let's Splash some Blocks!

    See More: SplashBlocks: Finally available on Google Play!
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