Swing Copter is a super addictive, fun, casual game with 8 bit graphics. One of the best casual games of 2014, Swing Copter might make you sit at the edge of your seat, or even skip a heartbeat trying to take your chopper past the obstacles swinging at different speeds. Swing Copter is one of those arcade games which test your limits, and makes you challenge yourself to improve your focus and concentration to go past as many maces as possible. Even the slightest lapse in concentration and your copter will go down.

Just tap on right or left side of the screen to fly and guide the fox in that direction and avoid hitting obstacles to score. Find out how much distance can you cover before losing focus and die. Beat all your competitors and rise to ranks in the leaderboard.
★★★★★ Incredibly smooth controlling experience!
★★★★★ Soothing background music!
★★★★★ Easy to learn!
★★★★★ Simple and neat 8 bit graphics
★★★★★ A funny time-killer for all ages!

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