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    Game farm hay day will bring you to the peaceful countryside, quiet and simple life experience growing vegetables, pig, chicken, cow ... You will experience the lives of the farmers receptor, fun, you will learn the features and manner of planting and livestock breeding. The knowledge of the game is the knowledge in real life, you will learn all of the hard work of farmers. Download game or wired on the same machine for sowing experiment and become farmers.
    Tai game ban cá

    Join the game nong trai hay day you will step into the world of farming and selling products with a large gaming community. The game gives you many attractive features, exciting and charismatic players in each game activity. You engage in interesting activities in the game such as:
    - Exchange traded agricultural products on the market
    - Producing delicious food from your products made
    - Develop food processing facilities
    - Exchange talk with friends in the game
    - Experience the true lives of farmers

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