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Hi all!
If you want to try a nice game for android and ios devices I recommend City Domination.
It is a game based on location, free-based on the real map of the world divided into small territories.
You are a gangster and you can conquer the lands around you, do missions to get more men and money, to recruit men from enemy territories, blackmail or sign pacts with other players. You can sign the agreements of the peace or declare war on rival gangs, grow your gang or join existing gang.
The game detects your location and you'll have a range within which you can win, and to do missions.
You just need to move to always have the new territories from attack.
And soon you'll want to conquer not only your neighborhood, but your whole city!
At the time of registration, you can place as a sponsor, Don M. Marin so I receive notification of your registration and it will be useful to you if you have any concerns or questions, or give you some advice.
Good achievements!

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