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    *My Insta Deco View Xmas*

    Create and send a Christmas greeting from wherever you are with this location
    based camera photo App!

    Insta Deco View is a smart location aware photo App that automatically detects
    your location and then gives you a camera view with location and theme based
    overlay as you decide to snap your photo.

    Lots of different themes to skin your photo for great Christmas photo fun
    - instantly customize your own words and season greeting on the instant deco
    view. Overlay custom text, words and season greeting to celebrate friendship,
    love or to just spread season cheer and fun around! It is surely a season for

    - location aware weather based skin and overlay skin. In this season for
    sharing, let your loved ones know whether you are busking in the sun or freezing
    in the cold, and you are OK.

    - cute and lovely icon and picture overlay. Have fun using these cute and lovely
    icon overlay to skin your photo. A sure way to spread cheer and fun with your
    very own customized photo!

    - skin your photo with complete a photo frame. The easy and quick way to
    instantly skin your photo and make it personal and meaningful.

    Download *Free* from Google Play:

    Catch all the Dokuyi™ Characters at Dokuyi. Like and follow us on

    See More: Smart Christmas photo app: My Insta Deco View Xmas

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