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    Heroes vs Ultron a fantasy role-playing(RPG) game combines tactical tower defense have similar gameplay famous game of Popcap is Plants Vs Zombies.
    This really is a game worth playing for fans PvZ or Swat and Zombies

    Link Dowload:

    Videos trailer...........


    "The content of the game tells the story of the battle against the mighty robot armies that are attacking and destroying the planet in the galaxy. With the theme of Galaxy Defense game will bring quite exciting experience for players. However you will find the game content is quite similar to a few movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star War, Terminator."

    The task of the player is selected and arranged Heroes reasonably flexible to prevent them rotbot invaded the planet. If you've played the last two editions PvZ 1 and Plants vs Zombies 2 you will see an interesting similarity in this game is to collect the purple crystals. Yet the game still gives you new experiences. In the game instead of fight Zombie Tsunami you will have to fight an entire army of robots. There are many Heroes with special skills to choose from. You can also use the support skills with nice effects. Robots with different characteristics requires flexibility in choosing the arrangements squad.

    Actual experience of the post indicates drag and drop the game rather inconvenient, especially when multiple enemies. A huge drawback of the game that is no guide that players encounter difficulties at the beginning.

    Graphic and Sound

    Graphics is the biggest advantage of the game. With stylish modern Fantasy, the characters are detailed and beautiful design, depth maps, nice effects you'll see it right the first time.
    But the sound is not that great. The audio portion of the game is quite sketchy.


    Still not perfect but Heroes vs ULTRON remains a game worth playing. Hopefully in future updates developers will overcome the disadvantages mentioned above.

    You can dowload the game here:

    See More: [Review] Heroes vs Ultron - Similar strategy game Plants vs Zombies
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