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    Emperor Works
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    Hello everyone!

    We're called Emperor Works and this is our first creation: Head It

    The game is very simple - try to hit the ball with your head as many times as you can. To move, simply press the left/right side of the screen to move left/right. The ball can bounce of the edge of the screen but if it touches the ground it's game over. The difficulty rises every 5 points.

    Also, this is still a very early and basic version of the game as far as graphics are concerned. We hope to make improvements and updates in a few weeks, so stay tuned for an amazing experience.

    How high is your score?

    See More: [FREE GAME] Head It

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    Re: [FREE GAME] Head It

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    Simply done, but so is the Hype. I like it most from
    Das Gesicht ist der Spiegel unserer Persönlichkeit.

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