It's an old ios game i used to play around 4 years ago. I can't remember the name and i REALLY want to play it. This is what I remember: It's a 3rd person quest/adventure game. The character wakes up in his bed next to his grandfather who tells him something. And the character goes to Grassland. There is an aemory shop there and and a bunch of quests. To grow stronger in the beginning you have to beat rats and snakes. Later bears and so on. You can buy a horse and travel through the realms. Each realm has a boss. I remember the goblin caves and probably a very unique thing- water town ! You enter it by jumping into a well. In water town you can go fishing. In each town the armory has different things. leather armor, wooden sword, iron armor, bow, arrows, fishing rod and so on. They had "shop" signs. The armor is not bought full, but each piece seperately. Helm, body armor, leggings and so on. Please help me find my childhood game

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