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    hey guys...i'm a new member and i really need your help
    in my thoughts i just came across the memory of an old cell phone game i played in 2004 or 2005 i guess but i have no clue how the name of the game was
    basically you had a greyed out image and you had to draw a line with some sort of animal from one side to the other..i think it was a hamster but i'm not so sure on that matter so don't fixate yourself onto that...then there where some sort of ghosts or feinds which flew across the image...if they touched your unfinished line you lost a life if i remember correctly...the goal was to unlock a certain amount of the picture..80% or 90%

    i already searched google for some time with no success
    the phone i played the game on was that of a friend..i think it was a sony ericsson or a motorola...definitely no nokia or iphone

    thx for your help

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